General terms and conditions


Name: Aqua-Charter, obrt za usluge i prijevoz

Head Office: Cesta domovinske zahvalnosti, 34 Arbanija

Head Manager: Ivica Belas

Register number (MBS): 97428485


Contact: +385 99 481 99 66

Privacy policy

Aqua-Charte strongly believes in protecting the privacy of its clients. We collect information to provide better services to all of our clients but only related to the services we provide. Aqua-Charter will never sell, share, trade or give away any of our clients’ personal information to third parties, except in the case where it is necessary for the smooth execution of the service.
All information provided is kept strictly confidential and accessible only to staff in order for them to properly do their job in helping clients regarding the services.
Aqua-Charter reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove this policy at any time. Changes to this policy may affect the use of personal information provided to us prior to the effective date of the changes.

Resolving complaints

In accordance with Article 6 paragraph 3 of the Act of the Provision of Tourism Services (NN 130/17) we would like to inform our customers that a complaint on the quality of our services may be submitted in writing to the company office (Address: Dioklecijanova 3, 21 000, Split), via postal address, fax or by e-mail::



Cesta domovinske zahvalnosti, 34 Arbanija

Republika Hrvatska;

or e-mail:;

No later than 15 days after the service has been consumed, the customer can submit a written complaint on the spot to the point of sales, or by mail, telefax or email and enclose a written statement signed by the representative and all potential accounts for additional costs. The organizer will accept only properly filed complaints received within the specified period of 15 days and will without delay respond in written form about the receipt of the latter.
The organizer is required to make a written decision on the complaint within 15 days of receiving the complaint at the point of sales. The organizer may postpone the deadline in order to collect more information and verify the complaint with the service provider up to additional 15 days. The organizer will only resolve those complaints which could not be solved in the place of residence.